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How most web design firms operate.

It's expensive to look good.

Most people don’t appreciate this, but the traditional design and development process can be very labor intensive. It’s not uncommon for a web firm to spend 50+ hours on a small custom website. And if they have valuable industry experience, they’re most likely charging $100 to $150 or more per hour. That's a minimum of $5,000!

A lot of back-and-forth.

The reason most custom websites take so long to develop is because there's not only a lot of strategy and planning before the creative work begins, but there's also a lot of back-and-forth dialogue throughout the duration of the project. This may be necessary for some companies who need a lot of market positioning and strategic help, but it's something that most small businesses simply can't afford, justify, or even need to be successful.

So, retaining the services of high-end, extremely talented designers and developers to create a custom website and not break the bank is a challenge with the traditional model of website development.

How Rocketship is different.

A focused approach that hits the mark.

Our custom website development solutions utilize our proprietary streamlined process that keeps you involved all the way through, and also makes sure things are moving along at a rapid pace. This eliminates unnecessary delays and maintains valuable momentum, while ensuring we create a site that's right for you.