Four Day Fireplace Rank Savant Case Study

Local Fireplace Contractor Soars to the Top of Google Search

See how Rocketship’s Rank Savant tool helped a local service business rank higher in search results and increase conversions by 65%.

The Project

Four Day Fireplace is a service area business that designs, installs, and repairs fireplaces in the Seattle area. They came to Rocketship for help with growing their business and reaching more potential customers.

The Four Day team wanted to expand their reach and ignite their web presence throughout their service area, which included multiple cities. They hoped to raise their website’s position in search rankings and gain valuable SERP real estate in the Google Map Pack. At the same time, they didn’t want to spend too much on PPC or agency fees.

The Challenge

One Showroom For a Large Service Area

Four Day Fireplace has a brick-and-mortar showroom, but they do much of their work on-site in clients’ homes. The team helps customers throughout a large part of the Greater Seattle and Puget Sound region. Since Google Business Profiles with nearby addresses get prioritized in search results, Four Day was at a disadvantage in cities farther away from their showroom.

To add to the challenge, Google had changed its location verification methods. Tactics like creating multiple addresses with mailbox services no longer worked. Four Day Fireplace needed other ways to convince Google that they were relevant to searchers throughout their service area.

Competition From Larger Competitors

Some of Four Day Fireplace’s competitors are larger companies with multiple brick-and-mortar locations throughout their service area.

Many of these competitors have locations near the center of big, dense markets like Seattle and Bellevue, WA.

These larger companies also tend to have larger ad spending budgets. Four Day Fireplace often found themselves outspent on PPC and other advertising, and some of their competitors also ran expensive ads on TV.

Competition From Large Review Sites

Around the time Four Day Fireplace came to Rocketship, Google had recently implemented the E.E.A.T.s ranking system. This system boosts rankings for sites that show Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. To gain visibility, websites must add content that demonstrates the creator’s first-hand experience, knowledge, qualifications, links to trustworthy sources, and overall reputation.

Under the E.E.A.T.s system, Four Day Fireplace was competing for visibility with not only their direct competitors, but also large review sites that list multiple contractors. These sites tend to have frequent updates with content that Google considers trustworthy, often from multiple contributors.

While the Four Day team was willing to invest in SEO efforts, keeping costs down was also a priority. PPC and typical agency fees were higher than ideal for their business.

The Solution

DIY SEO Location Pages

Rocketship’s proprietary local SEO tool, Rank Savant, appealed to the Four Day Fireplace team as a cost-effective solution. With this user-friendly, self-serve tool, the team could take a somewhat DIY approach and avoid high agency fees.

With Rank Savant, Four Day Fireplace implemented a hyper-optimized, dynamic location page strategy. The tool helped them create pages that act like search magnets for each geographic center they serve.

Online Review Management

Rank Savant has native integration with Kudo, an online review management system. Kudo helps businesses automatically request feedback from their customers, direct negative feedback to an internal page for company response, and post positive feedback on major review sites and Rank Savant pages.

With Kudo and Rank Savant, users get more reviews on their Google Business profile and the unique ability to add those reviews to their locations page, which is a major boost for Google’s E.E.A.T.s ranking factors.

Optimization with Continuous Growth

Each Rank Savant page contains hundreds of location and keyword signals that tell Google that Four Day Fireplace is relevant. The pages continue to grow as they add completed projects. Each project takes less than a minute to enter and posts to the location page automatically, adding more and more keywords and location “juice.”

Rank Savant’s local SEO pages are not only optimized for keywords but also for Google’s E.E.A.T.s ranking factors. Each project adds proof of Four Day’s experience, expertise, and authority in their field. The frequent updates show continuous improvement and growth, which also helps with ranking. Unlike a traditional location page, a Rank Savant page is a localized, hyper-focused aggregation page that continues to build over time. It’s highly optimized for organic local SEO, creating a natural Google presence that can compete with large review sites and big business competitors.

Cost Savings

Rank Savant cost Four Day Fireplace only a fraction of what they might have otherwise spent on PPC or monthly SEO agency costs.

According to Search Engine Journal’s State of SEO 2022 Agency Report, most businesses spend $500-$10,000 per month on SEO. Small-scale SEO campaigns, like PPC campaigns that run in a limited geographic area, typically cost $400-900 per month. Meanwhile, a Rank Savant subscription costs just $149 per month, plus a small setup fee for each new location the user adds.

Our Results

In just over three months, Four Day Fireplace’s Rank Savant location pages achieved 25 positions on page one of relevant SERPs. These pages beat out larger competitors as well as huge social media sites like Houzz, Angi, and Home Advisor.

Their successes included:

  • Two location pages in the first and second positions for the keyword “fireplace design near me” in Everett, WA, beating out Houzz and the map pack.
  • Another Rank Savant page ranked above Angi, just under the People Also Ask section, for the keyword “fireplace remodel near me” in Seattle, WA.
  • 13 map pack positions across nine cities.

That makes Four Day Fireplace the most visible fireplace company in their service area.

Four Day achieved many other SEO successes in the first six months after launching Rank Savant:


Increase in Total Keywords Ranking


Increase in Local Pack Rankings


Increase in New Users


Increase in Engaged Sessions


Increase in Inquiries

Four Day Fireplace achieved better results in 3 months with Rank Savant — for for just $149 per month, plus one-time set up fees — than they would have in a year with a traditional SEO agency charging $900 per month for small-scale SEO campaigns.

With a 65% increase in conversions after implementing Rank Savant, Four Day Fireplace is sure to succeed in kindling their business growth goals.