DuctVac Rank Savant Case Study

Rank Savant Helps Local Contractor Gain 59 High-Ranking Keywords Across 13 Cities

Author: Shannon Zastrow

See how a duct cleaning business with no physical address boosted their SEO throughout their service area using Rocketship’s Rank Savant tool.

The Project

DuctVac Northwest is a service area business that offers air quality services, including duct cleaning, in several parts of Washington State. They work on location and don’t have a physical address. When they came to Rocketship, they wanted to increase their online visibility in their multiple service areas to attract local customers. 

Their primary goals were to secure a prominent spot in the Google Map Pack SERP and reduce their PPC costs. The DuctVac team sought a cost-effective solution to reach these goals and expand their online presence.

The Challenge

DuctVac Northwest faced several challenges in their quest to enhance their local online visibility:

Google My Business/Google Business Profiles

DuctVac’s local presence was hampered by Google’s prioritization of businesses with physical addresses. This made it challenging for DuctVac to compete with brick-and-mortar competitors.

GBP Hacks No Longer Work

In the past, businesses could create multiple locations using mailbox services to game the system. Google has tightened its verification methods to prevent this type of tactic.

Get to Page 1 of Google Search in ALL the Locations You Serve

Even though Google allows businesses to specify their service area, it is very difficult to outrank competitors who have a physical location in a major market. Rocketship’s Growth Engine combines the most important features into an integrated, easy-to-use website and growth toolset.

The Solution

DuctVac Northwest used Rank Savant to overcome these challenges. This tool is known for its cost-effectiveness and user-friendly approach. With Rank Savant, DuctVac was able to manage a self-serve approach to SEO and avoid more expensive agency services.

SEO Location Pages

DuctVac implemented a hyper-optimized, dynamic location page strategy using Rank Savant. They now have location-specific pages they can use as magnets for local search traffic, drawing in potential customers from every geographic center they serve.

Continuous Growth

Each Rank Savant page is meticulously optimized behind the scenes with hundreds of location and keyword signals. These signals communicate to Google that DuctVac’s website is relevant to people looking for their services in their service area. 

Rank Savant’s unique strategy goes beyond regular SEO location pages, though. The pages continue to evolve as the company adds new projects. It takes less than a minute to enter each project. Afterward, the location page automatically updates, which enhances the page’s keyword density and local search relevance signals.

Online Reviews

Rank Savant seamlessly integrates with Kudo, an online review management system. Kudo enables DuctVac to proactively request customer feedback, manage negative feedback effectively, and publish positive reviews on prominent review sites and Rank Savant pages.

This approach to online review management boosted DuctVac’s Google Business profile. It also improved their E-E-A-T ranking factors, which are the signals Google uses to check that a site has experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness before boosting its visibility.

Cost Savings

The most appealing aspect of Rank Savant for DuctVac Northwest was its cost-effectiveness. The tool required only a fraction of the expenses they might have otherwise incurred through PPC advertising or traditional monthly SEO agency fees. 

In a landscape where businesses often spend between $500 and $10,000 per month on SEO, DuctVac found a cost-effective solution. Rank Savant costs just $149 per month, plus a small setup fee for each new location added.

Our Results

After implementing Rank Savant for local SEO, DuctVac Northwest significantly improved its online visibility in multiple cities. They gained valuable top positions in the Google Map Pack and on many relevant search engine results pages (SERPs). 

The continuous growth of DuctVac’s location pages, coupled with online review management, allowed them to build more organic site traffic. DuctVac was able to reduce PPC costs and attract more customers.

In just a few months, DuctVac Northwest’s Rank Savant Location Page for King County achieved 59 keyword positions on page one. They beat out larger competitors and substantial review aggregator site Angi. The client also saw a significant increase in website traffic and conversions.

What Ductvac has acheived within the first six months after launching Rank Savant:


Keywords in the top 10


Cities targeted