Run a Service Area Business? Here’s How to Land on Page One of Google… Everywhere

If you operate a service area business—in other words, you perform your service in a variety of locations—the key to getting found by all your prospective customers is ranking in ALL of these locations. But how? Let’s take a closer look at the mechanics of local search.
If you run a service business that does work on location, you’ve probably struggled to get local website traffic in the past. You’d love to see your website at the top of the Google search results, but you can’t seem to get past bigger competitors who are located in closer proximity to your target locations.

This is a common problem for local businesses that don’t have a physical business address.

Whether you are an HVAC company looking to acquire more new customers or a construction company trying to get jobs on the books, Rocketship can help. How? Let’s take a closer look at the mechanics of local search and service area businesses.

What is a Service Area Business?

A Service Area Business (SAB) is a business that visits or delivers to local customers directly, but doesn’t serve customers at their business address. Instead of having a brick and mortar storefront, they may have a home office that the owner doesn’t want listed on the internet. If you are a plumber, housekeeper, or contractor, your business probably falls in this category.

SABs, NAP Directory Listings, and Local SEO

Companies need to reach customers in their service areas. In the digital age, that starts with local SEO tasks like filling out a Google My Business profile and creating Name, Address, Phone number (NAP) directory listings. Unfortunately, SABs can’t create NAP directory listings due to not having a physical address they want displayed on the internet. This gives brick and mortar storefronts a major advantage.

Service Area Business

Directory listings are trust signals with backlinks to the site telling Google who and what they are. As well as the area (physical location) they want to target for new customers.

Without NAPs, Google’s traditional search engine results pages (SERPs)  do not have enough information to index your business locally. That means your business gets little to no rankings on Google. No Google rankings, no website traffic, no customers.

As part of Rocketship’s Growth Engine for SABs, Rocketship created Rank Savant™. Rank Savant helps SABs build visibility in any geographical locale, even without NAP directory listings. It’s a powerful tool for service area business owners looking to boost their website rankings in any locale, as well as rank for more specific searches, like ‘Kansas City Rheem Furnace Repair.’

How One Local Business Used Rank Savant to Boost Their Rankings

Client: DuctVac Northwest

Keyword: duct cleaning everett wa

Service Area Business


DuctVac Northwest is a service area business that offers air duct cleaning services in several Washington State cities. They were having trouble ranking against bigger competitors in their large target markets.

Most of their problems stemmed from one thing: DuctVac Northwest could not create NAP listings for local directories. They didn’t have a brick and mortar location, so they couldn’t add an address. Their team works from a home office and does all their services at residences and places of business.

Service Area Business


After being introduced to Rank Savant, the company found success with their new SEO strategy. The Rocketship team was able to create custom location pages for target cities. The custom location pages quickly resulted in four top-10 SERP positions.

How Does Rank Savant Work?

Rank Savant creates geographic- and keyword- optimized location pages for each target area. Each time a project is completed, a technician or staff member takes a minute to enter some project details, like a picture, description, and products used.

Once this information is submitted, Rank Savant automatically pushes search-optimized content to the location page, as well as creates a post on the Google My Business profile. The location page continually grows, sending positive, geographically optimized signals to Google that are connected to the GMB profile.

That’s not all. Rank Savant also natively connects with Kudo, another component tool in the Rocketship Growth Engine, allowing you to send automated requests to your customers to leave a review on Google (or any other review site). If your customer leaves a positive review, Rank Savant pulls that review into your location page for added impact, and helps build your google reputation which further improves your rank. The location page becomes a “magnet” for geographic keyword searches.

As a result, Rocketship Growth Engine with Rank Savant generates more search visibility, traffic, and inquiries faster and much more cost-effectively than traditional SEO or Paid Search.

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