Get Your Service Area Business Ranked Locally, The Easy Way

Service Area Businesses—that is, businesses that perform services on location rather than at a physical storefront—have a unique challenge. Getting ranked in the cities or geographies in which you serve but don’t reside, seems near impossible. You can invest thousands of dollars in blogging and SEO, or you can do it the easy and inexpensive way, with Rocketship’s GeoRank™ tool.

Here’s How It Works:


1. Create a landing page for each target geography, and add a code snippet generated by GeoRank.

Your code snippet should be placed in the main body of the page. It is recommended that you also add some other static elements to the page, such as:

  • a map of the local service area
  • some testimonials and/or ratings
  • any special offers
  • a call to action, such as Request a Quote.


2. Each time you complete a job in a target geography, login to GeoRank and complete a simple form asking for some essential details like the zip code of the service call, services performed, products used, and a picture if available.

You can customize the information collected based on the service(s) you provide.

3. Hit submit and watch your information flow directly into the corresponding geography landing page.

In the background, important SEO markup is added to ensure optimal juice, and a crawl request is submitted so that your page is re-indexed by search engines. Your page grows with every new service call, and its local ranking authority grows with it.

In just a minutes a day, you’ll be building search presence in locations that will rival your competitors who are based there. The best part is, GeoRank is inexpensive and works with any website, on any platform. And you can cancel at any time. 


Monthly: $20/mo

Optional Setup assistance with landing page design: $100/location