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The Health and Wellness industry continues to grow year over year. With this growth comes more competition, so how do you differentiate your business and services, especially across saturated online platforms?

Rocketship has a wide range of clients spanning the Health and Wellness industry, to include: Medical Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, Personal Training and Physical Therapy, Counseling and Rehabilitation, Performing Arts, and Assisted Living services.

Over the past 10 years Rocketship has honed a deep understanding of how customers in the Health and Wellness industry seek expertise, make decisions and ultimately, how to meet the customer’s emotional needs in order to convert them from a lead to a client or from a one time customer to promoter.


Denice Schwind - Pur Skin Clinic Denice Schwind - Pur Skin Clinic

5 star rating for the Rocketship team! They have managed my SEO, social media platforms and paid marketing campaigns for the past 2 years and we have doubled our new patients. It's nice to work with a professional marketing team that understands our brand and creates a marketing strategy that works, allowing me to focus on patient care and business operations.

5 / 5
175%+ Increase in Website Traffic
100%+ Increase in Top 10 keywords
Avg. 20% Improvement in Paid Facebook KPIs /Per Quarter
*Over 18 month time period
Pur Skin Clinic

We create a unique Marketing Playbook for each of our clients, designed to focus on what matters most and ensure strong ROI.

Health & Wellness