Location Services

Build Web Presence Across Your Service Areas

If you provide services on location rather than at your place of business, you are what Google refers to as a service area business (SAB). One of the biggest challenges service area businesses face is how to get ranked for searches in nearby locations you serve.

Homeowners find most of the home services they use—landscaping, construction, repair, cleaning, etc—using internet search. Thus, two things are paramount: getting found on page one of search, and building a superior online reputation.

Rocketship has supported dozens of local service area businesses for over 10 years. We’ve created a best-in-class toolbox (a combination of third party tools and proprietary technology) coupled with expert marketing strategy to help you generate location-based leads, lower customer acquisition costs, and reach your growth goals.

We create a unique Marketing Playbook for each of our clients, designed to focus on what matters most and ensure strong ROI.

Location Service