Website redesign — 2020

Russ Bassett

Russ Bassett is a premier manufacturer of mission critical furniture and workstations. Rocketship was engaged in 2019 to redesign and rebuild the website and position the brand for growth in the various verticals it serves.


When Russ Bassett came to Rocketship, it had a fragmented presence on the web with multiple domains, low technical and speed scores that were hindering rankings, and an outdated CMS platform that was making it difficult to update. 

Russ Bassett was losing traffic and opportunities to competitors with significantly better web visibility.


Our Approach

Rocketship merged the content from the various domains, consolidating the SEO “juice” into one domain. We restructured the site creating landing pages for each industry vertical so Russ Bassett could speak more personally to the prospects needs and focus on relevent products and case studies. This approach help improve SEO visibility as well as conversion rates.

Rocketship continued to build on this foundation with monthly content and SEO, leading to year over year traffic growth of 151%, and inquiry growth of 83%.


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Roof Terracotta
Dove Gray

fully responsive design

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