Website redesign — 2020

Trinity Academy

Trinity Academy is a small private school located in Wisconsin. Rocketship audited the Trinity website and made essential improvements to boost engagement, user experience, and conversion, while keeping costs affordable. 


The former Trinity website was not optimized for prospective parents considering Trinity Academy for their children. The benefits of why a family would choose Trinity, namely their strong academic performance, was difficult to find, and their wasn’t a location on the site that prospective families could easily navigate to the consolidate this information. Primary calls to action focused on donations rather than enrollment.

Our Approach

Rocketship reorganized the structure and taxonomy to allow prospective families to easily find relevant content and placed consistent calls to action throughout the site focused on enrollment. Also, Rocketship helped restructure content and content flows to better present key differentiators in a scannable and digestible way. We also optimized the content for improved search visibility and rankings.



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