Mobile Optimization Upgrade


Upgrading your Rocketship website to be mobile-friendly

What Is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive Website Design (RWD)  is a technology and design approach that enables web pages to scale in response to the size of the screen or web browser with which it is being viewed. Any website will display on mobile, but responsive websites reformat the page in a way that keeps text and buttons readable and accessible.


Why Is Responsive Website Design Important?

As of 2015 the amount of web traffic from mobile devices exceeds that of desktop computers. From the standpoint of user experience, mobile-optimized websites are very important. Non-responsive websites usually have high drop off (bounce) rates, low engagement, and low conversion rates, costing you valuable customers and business.

Non-responsive websites also make it harder for customers searching for your products and services to find your websites. In 2015 Google began penalizing search rankings for sites that were not built with RWD.

Rwd and Your Rocketship Site

Rocketship hosts customer websites on three different platforms currently: (1) The Rocketship CMS, (2) Squarespace, and (3) WordPress. The latter two platforms offer Responsive Website Design, Rocketship CMS does not.

What We Recommend

If your website is hosted on the Rocketship CMS platform, then we highly recommend contacting us to discuss migration options to either Squarespace or WordPress. We have special migration offers for current customers that make the transition simple and affordable.

Click the button below to set up a consultation to discuss your specific situation and available options.

Additional Resources

Read Google’s official statement on rankings and mobile-friendly websites here.

Unsure whether your site is mobile-optimized? Find out how Google sees your website using this tool.

Not convinced you need a mobile-friendly website? Check out this infographic: