Welcome Scott Miller!

We are excited to welcome Scott Miller to the Rocketship team! Scott is our new Senior Account Manager and Digital Strategist. Joining us from San Bernardino, CA, Scott brings experience marketing in the e-commerce and education sectors.

Scott’s marketing philosophy is built upon the Storybrand framework (shout out to Donald Miller). In Storybrand, the brand is the Guide and the customer is the Hero. Storybrand goes beyond external problems such as “I need more time/money” or “I have a broken sprinkler” to focus on deeper motivations and the internal problems customers need to resolve.

Scott helps Rocketship’s clients speak the language of their customers to take them where they didn’t know they needed to go. Your brand simply creates the wireframe or storyboard that tells customers how to get to a better place or achieve their goals.

Outside of work, Scott loves spending time with his wife, his daughter, and their dog. You can find him eating Chipotle (please hire him), cooking on his Traeger (please sponsor him), or listening to John Mayer (please give him front row tickets) on any given day.