How Rocketship Increased Eat Fantastic’s Brand Visibility and Search Results by 32.89%

Learn how Rocketship leveraged Eat Fantastic’s history to craft a website that truly represents Eat Fantastic’s gourmet offerings and its deep connection to Los Angeles culture.

About NCA

Northshore Christian Academy (NCA), renowned for its commitment to excellence in education, sought to enhance its digital footprint to better serve and engage prospective families.

The plan was previously set in motion when Rocketship assisted with a major transition to a new Student Information System (SIS) platform. Since current Parents and Students would be using the new SIS platform, the project’s cornerstone was to refocus the main website towards prospective families.


About Eat Fantastic

The gourmet Los Angeles eatery, Eat Fantastic, has several locations across the city that reflect its strong local roots and commitment to embodying LA’s vibrant food culture.

Like many restaurants, when Eat Fantastic approached Rocketship they were facing a common problem: Their digital presence was lacking and it was costing them opportunities to reach new customers.

The old website did not accurately reflect the brand’s vibrant personality or the quality of its offerings. It suffered from a confusing user experience, lacked strong conversion points and calls-to-action (CTAs), and needed a visual and functional overhaul to enhance branding and user engagement. Additionally, it lacked on SEO strategy and was hard to find in a Google search.

Key Objectives

User Experience Improvement
  • To revamp the navigation and overall structure for a more intuitive user experience. 
Brand Refresh + Enhancements
  • Update the website’s visual identity to better reflect Eat Fantastic’s ethos and appeal. To infuse the website with the brand’s unique personality and values.
Local Connection
  • To emphasize the LA connection through imagery and content.
Improved Conversion Points
  • To strategically implement CTAs for better customer engagement and conversion.
Photography Update
  • To conduct a comprehensive photoshoot for high-quality, enticing images of the menu items.
Search Improvements
  •  Introduce location pages for improved findability and SEO.
Feature Enhancements
  •  Make it easy to add feature items, and specials, and announce new locations.

Discovery and Strategy

The Rocketship team initiated the project by deeply understanding Eat Fantastic’s brand, market position, and the essence of LA’s culture. This phase involved in-depth workshops, competitive analysis, and collaboration with the Eat Fantastic team to identify key website objectives and outcomes.


Design and Development

Leveraging insights from the discovery phase, Rocketship crafted a design that not only refreshed the brand but also solved usability issues. The new design featured:

  • A clean, modern aesthetic with vibrant visuals reflecting the LA vibe
  • Intuitive navigation and location-specific pages to improve user engagement and SEO
  • New product photography and videos showcasing Eat Fantastic’s offerings in an appealing manner
  • Clear CTAs throughout the site to guide users toward conversion points

LA Values and Storytelling

To highlight the LA connection, the redesign incorporated local imagery and narratives that celebrated the city’s culture. The story of Eat Fantastic’s owners and the brand’s journey was prominently featured, connecting with customers on a personal level.

After Rocketship launched the new site, it didn’t take long before Eat Fantastic saw exciting results:



Increase in visibility for each location’s local search results


Keywords Rankings improved per location


Local Pack placements gained


Increase in all website traffic


Increase in organic search traffic



Increase in Revenue in 6 months


Increase in Orders

client feedback

Alex Tsiboukas

“Before partnering with Rocketship, our website struggled to capture the essence of Eat Fantastic. Rocketship not only understood our vision but brought it to life with a stunning redesign. They took the time to understand our customers’ needs, resulting in a site that’s not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and accessible. We are thrilled with our new website and look forward to continued partnership with Rocketship.”

Google Ads

  1. Our Performance Max ads are a “media blitz” that showcase our ads on Youtube, the Google Display Network, Email ads, Traditional Search, and also make our ads appear in Google Maps. Since launching ads in February, we have driven in 343 orders directly from our Performance Max Efforts.
  2. We have helped nearly 6000 people get directions to an Eat Fantastic location from our Google ads.
  3. We have excluded all “Eat Fantastic” related terms from our targeting to ensure that we are likely spending money on those who aren’t aware of the EF brand / or likely traveling in the nearby area (ads are only being delivered in a three mile radius). Because of this, we are confident that the 17,371 clicks on our ads were likely from new customers.

Outcome and Impact

The website redesign by Rocketship transformed Eat Fantastic’s online presence, aligning it with the brand’s quality and ethos. Key outcomes included:

  • Significantly improved user experience, leading to increased dwell time and lower bounce rates.
  • Enhanced brand identity that resonated with both new and existing customers.
  • Higher conversion rates through effective CTAs and engaging product visuals.
  • Improved SEO rankings for location-based searches, driving more foot traffic to stores.
  • A strong platform to feature specials, new items, and announce new locations, keeping customers engaged and informed.


The collaboration between Eat Fantastic and Rocketship resulted in a website that not only met but exceeded business objectives. By addressing the initial challenges head-on and leveraging creative and technical solutions, Rocketship delivered a website that truly represents Eat Fantastic’s gourmet offerings and its deep connection to Los Angeles culture.