Great Digital Marketing isn’t Rocket Science.

Or is it?


Agency Marketing Services Delivered with the Responsiveness of an Internal Team

Rocketship Chief Strategist

Shannon Zastrow

Chief Strategist

Campaign Manager

Ashley Hanson

Sr Account Manager / Digital Strategist

Social Media Strategist

Aimee Jurenka

SEO Strategist

Rocketship Web Development Manager

Alex Burca

Web Development Manager

Rocketship Creative Director

Jonathan McIntyre

Creative Director

Rocketship Marketing Specialist / Writer

Leslie Fisher

Marketing Specialist / Writer

Sr Account Manager

Chelsea Joyce

Sr Account Manager

Designer & Marketing Specialist

Venalie Scheck

Designer & Marketing Specialist

Lead Designer

Radu Spataru

Lead Designer

Account Manager

Jasmine Thompson

Account Manager

Sr Account Manager / Digital Strategist

Scott Miller

Sr Account Manager / Digital Strategist

Rocketship is a turnkey solution for managing your business growth in the digital age. We are built to provide small businesses with a complete marketing department on a fractional basis according to your needs. You’ll get faster, stronger bottom line results for a comparable cost to a high performing internal employee or team, without turnover or HR overhead.

Outsourced Agency Services Delivered

Tailored Strategies

We don’t believe in boilerplate solutions.

Throughout our travels as veteran marketers we’ve distilled decades of experience growing startups and major global brands alike into a scrappy strategic planning process. We create a unique Marketing Playbook for each of our clients, designed to focus on what matters most and ensure strong ROI.
Quality Execution

Quality Execution

Every skillset you need for successful marketing outcomes.

By far the main reason execution quality suffers is not having access to specialized resources. The marketing function is unique in its diversity of interdependent skillsets, nearly impossible to find all in one person or a small team. Rocketship gives small businesses access to every critical function: experienced strategy, breakthrough creative design, compelling copy, martech, data analysis, project management, and specialization all major digital channels.

Continuous Improvement

We measure everything.

We bring the important discipline of measurement, analysis, and continuous improvement to everything we do. We are experts at reading data and transforming it into insights that drive business results. Rocketship clients know exactly where and how their marketing efforts are being deployed, and the return on investment over time.
Continuous Improvement
From zero to high speed in 0 seconds

From zero to sixty in no time

A highly efficient team of experts, using refined processes to start delivering business value from day one.

Rocketship finds, develops, and retains top talent across all the marketing competencies, bringing unrivaled marketing expertise to your small business. We focus this talent using proven processes to reach your business goals much faster than with an internal team or piecemeal approach.

The Un-Agency

Forget everything you know about the typical agency experience

Most agencies follow one of the following models:

  • Subscription based agencies that automate everything and collect subscription revenue while minimizing their own effort.
  • Work-for-hire agencies that operate like law firms: unresponsive, rigid, and profit focused.

Rocketship is completely different. We engage through cost-effective retainers tailored to your needs. We approach every client with the accessibility and accountability you’d expect from an internal employee.

Typical AgencyRocketship
Unresponsive Responsive
Rigid Flexible
Arrogant Friendly
Disengaged Committed
Profit-Focused Success-Focused



The Rocketship team has added value to our digital outreach. They are knowledgeable, use data to inform campaign adjustments, and they are timely and meaningful with their responses to our questions.

5 / 5
170% Increase in organic search traffic*
147% Increase in organic search conversions*
75% Cut Facebook Cost / Conversion by 75% to under $5
*Over 18 month period
Shane Tapert - CPM Ryan Tapert - CPM

Rocketship has helped our firm see tremendous positive ROI. They have come alongside a rookie marketing person such as myself and helped take the heavy lifting off my shoulders while at the same time giving valuable market insight and trends to help steer our company in the right direction.

5 / 5
58% Increase in organic search traffic
369% Increase in social and referral traffic
68% Increase in revenue
*3 month period following new website launch
CPM Website
Keith Miller - Miller Interior Design Keith Miller - Miller Interior Design

This imaginative technical crew can seriously launch you to the stars. They are dedicated to understanding your brand and market so your story gets told the way you need to tell it. I'm always on page 1 in Google searches. Now I'm getting too much attention - if that's a thing!

5 / 5
47% YoY increase in organic search traffic
45% YoY increase in social media visits to website
202% YoY increase in calls and contacts
Miller Interior Design Website

The team at Rocketship is very data-driven, and will do what we need to get our numbers higher. They offer world-class service and industry standards that have really made a difference for us.

5 / 5
41% YoY increase in Open House attendance
19% YoY increase in applications
187% Increase in Organic Search traffic in 8 months
Denice Schwind - Pur Skin Clinic Denice Schwind - Pur Skin Clinic

5 star rating for the Rocketship team! They have managed my SEO, social media platforms and paid marketing campaigns for the past 2 years and we have doubled our new patients. It's nice to work with a professional marketing team that understands our brand and creates a marketing strategy that works, allowing me to focus on patient care and business operations.

5 / 5
175%+ Increase in Website Traffic
100%+ Increase in Top 10 keywords
Avg. 20% Improvement in Paid Facebook KPIs /Per Quarter
*Over 18 month time period
Pur Skin Clinic
Anisa Munshi - Beauty Boost Med Spa, LLC Anisa Munshi - Beauty Boost Med Spa, LLC

Finally a marketing team that I can trust to get great work done and with upmost integrity! I've gone through my fair shares of marketing companies that overpromise and underdeliver. Rocketship is honest with pricing upfront and provides quality work! They also provide measurable data to ensure that the growth of your business reflects their efforts. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with my services from Rocketship and highly recommend them for any and all small or large businesses!

5 / 5
250% Increase in organic search traffic
150% Increase in paid social conversions
172% Increase in Top 10 keywords
*Monthly, compared over 6 month period
Beauty Boost Med Spa, LLC
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