Helping An Indispensable Brand Increase Awareness and Drive Conversions with HubSpot

How Rocketship harnessed the power of the HubSpot CMS to provide an elevated design, improved architecture, and flawless UX for FullSurge.

The Project

The FullSurge team are experts at building brands. They work with the world’s leading companies to redefine the branding landscape by uncovering the nuances and complexities that make each brand truly indispensable.

Recognizing the power of a captivating online presence, FullSurge’s Managing Partner, Mitch Duckler embarked on a mission to revolutionize their website, envisioning a transformative platform that would resonate with their audience on a whole new level. He knew the current website was failing to convey the team’s vast experience. It lacked a defining identity and was difficult to navigate.

The team needed a website that matched their innate passion, showcased their expertise, and converted more leads.

Initial Wants:

  • Create a visual experience that instills confidence
  • Enhance brand identity
  • Make it easier for site visitors to learn about offerings
  • Add calls-to-action to help site visitors convert into leads

More Must-Haves:

  • Add new content, including a video gallery with 100+ video
  • Create custom content tracks for different personas based on interest
  • Improve website SEO and visibility by adding meta descriptions, SEO titles, and more
  • Uplevel content by removing duplicates, addressing 404 pages, and fixing link structures

Unveiling the Challenges

While FullSurge had already helped many of their clients build successful brands, they hadn’t fully established the visual look and feel of their own brand. Their existing site didn’t convey FullSurge’s current approach or reach their target audience as effectively as the team wanted. The company needed a clean, modernized design that better reflected their values.

  • No Clear Conversion Path — The site didn’t have many clear calls-to-action (CTAs), and most of the CTAs that did exist were below the fold. As a result, FullSurge was missing many opportunities to turn website visitors into qualified leads.
  • Unfocused Copy —The copy favored the company rather than how their services could benefit clients. Many of the landing pages lacked information about the service’s benefits and features.
  • Lack of Brand Identity —Most images on the existing site felt generic and didn’t represent the desired brand image. The hero image failed to evoke the feelings FullSurge wanted clients to associate with their brand. The all-white logo and text got lost in the background. Much of the website was also text-heavy and somewhat difficult to read, especially on mobile devices.
  • Poorly Structured SEO & Content — The previous website had plenty of valuable content, but that content was difficult for users to navigate due to an outdated design, poor structure, and a lack of brand identity. The pages were not organized based on website sections, requiring extra steps and clicks to find simple information. Additionally, many pages lacked meta descriptions and SEO-friendly page titles.

Our Solution

Driven by FullSurge’s relentless pursuit of excellence, we set out to create a website that would transcend industry standards and captivate visitors with its ingenuity.

Our website audit revealed that FullSurge was losing prospects to missed design opportunities. The old page structures, CTAs, and navigation did not guide website visitors toward the desired next steps.

We held several brand messaging workshops with the FullSurge team to understand the brand at its core, including how they wanted to portray themselves and who they wanted to reach. We compared word choices and styles until we had developed a brand identity that perfectly represented FullSurge — a visionary brand consultancy.


  • Conducted a design workshop to understand goals, likes, and dislikes
  • Performed an in-depth brand analysis to determine look and feel of site and brand materials
  • Defined the customer journey through competitor research, current data, and thoughtful conversations


  • Developed a brand style that clearly established the characteristics we defined through our strategy
  • Curated images, most images represent motion or energy
  • Designed custom assets (background textures, typography)


  • Defined FullSurge’s brand tone and voice, developed a messaging strategy using the StoryBrand framework
  • Added social proof throughout every page (testimonials, case studies)
  • Improved SEO, addition of branded and unbranded keywords, addition of H1 tags and meta descriptions


  • Added carefully placed CTA buttons throughout
  • Deleted unnecessary pages, reduced the number of clicks to complete an action
  • Improved the form experience, added thank-you pages with more content
  • Custom filtering and integrations added on nearly every page

The Results

Every element works together to position FullSurge as an industry leading company. It is much easier for website visitors to navigate the site, find resources, and take the next step on the client journey.


New leads generated through the website


New keyword rankings within first month 

Grade A

Website score increased from C to an A within first month 


New videos added to the site upon launch

client feedback

Nancy Wulz

Digital Marketing

“From the outset, the Rocketship team showcased their deep understanding of our goals and objectives, taking the time to comprehensively analyze our existing website and identify areas for improvement. They exhibited an impressive ability to grasp the essence of our brand, translating it into a visually captivating and user-friendly digital platform.

Their meticulous attention to detail was evident throughout the entire process, ensuring that every element of the site aligned with our brand identity and resonated with our target audience.

Rocketship’s exceptional talent, unwavering dedication, and collaborative approach made them the perfect partner for our website redesign project.”

Next Steps

FullSurge has big goals for the upcoming business year, and the new website and brand identity have helped position them for success. The website now impeccably reflects their brand image, showcasing FullSurge as a leading industry player with an unrivaled wealth of experience.