Website redesign — 2020

Calm Classroom

Calm Classroom empowers school communities with mindfulness training that is simple, sustainable and impactful. They approached Rocketship to help them build on their success with Chicago Public Schools to scale nationally. Rocketship audited and modified their existing site to optimize for conversion as we scaled up acquisition media efforts. 


The Calm Classroom site struggled to clearly communicate the core features and benefits of their program. Heavy use of lingo and lack of clear product and service organization and descriptions detracted from user engagement. Also Calm Classroom lacked a compelling “Freemium” offer with which to capture and nurture leads.

Our Approach

The Rocketship team, through strategic brand positioning and persona development, helped Calm Classroom identify the key messages for each target audience and craft product and service descriptions that were easy to understand. We also implemented Hubspot and worked with Calm Classroom management to create compelling content offers and then use email automation to nurture those leads and schedule product consultations.  


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