Website redesign — 2022

Identity Capital Consulting

Identity Capital Consulting is led by former Chicago Public School Principal, Consultant, and Author, Augie Emuwa. Augie’s vision is to help lead equity transformation in schools through thought leadership, leadership training and tools.



Conveying Thought Leadership Requires a Modern Brand Presence and Scalable Web Platform


When Identity Capital Consulting approached Rocketship, it was experiencing the limitations of an incohesive brand expression and non-business grade website technology. The brand name was conveyed in a way that erroneously sounded like a financial services company. And the website content and messaging exacerbated the problem with jargon and ambiguous description of products and services.

Our Approach

Rocketship helped IDC create a content strategy, reorganize its product offering, and restructure and redesign the website to better convey its unique value propositions. Part of the project also included a rebrand, switching to imagery that better aligned with the brand name and connecting the words “Identity” and “Capital” to ensure comprehension. 



Athens Gray


Energy Yellow


Old Gold



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