Website redesign — 2020

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Be The Change’s logo and website didn’t present a level of vibrancy, sophistication and design that was present in the brand identity and offerings. Furthermore, BTC’s content was fragmented across many sites, as the main site wasn’t structured in a way that could handle their program and curriculum offerings and Ecommerce needs. This resulted in a high degree of friction for visitors to find the products and services that would best fit their needs.

Our Approach

Rocketship did a full custom redesign, building the site on a highly customized WordPress and Woo commerce engine. Custom design elements were carried deep into the site, even into the Ecommerce experience.

The core pages of the website were designed in a way to automatically bring featured product content to the forefront and engage visitors. The whole experience is vibrant, clean, and colorful, conveying the engaging attributes of all BTC’s offerings.

Close attention was paid to the usability and accessibility of the site, ensuring the content was readable to the highest standards. was awarded a Web Excellence Award in the categories of Education and Activism.



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