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Slumber Ease

Slumber Ease is a local mattress factory and retailer that makes its own mattresses in a market that has become dominated by online direct to consumer brands, and big box retailers. Rocketship has helped Slumber Ease thrive while other local mattress companies have gone out of business.


The mattress market has become dominated by specialty mattress brands like Tempurpedic, Purple, Casper, and Helix just to name a few. As the market gets more comfortable purchasing a bed without lying on it, big box retailers like Mattress Firm have consolidated to serve the needs of traditional buyers. Local mattress factors have largely been squeezed out of business. Furthermore, Slumber Ease is located in a small town 40 miles north of Seattle. Convincing people to drive almost an hour to try out custom made mattresses is a hard sell.

Our Approach

Starting with a website redesign, Rocketship set out to put the Slumber Ease brand on the best footing possible to compete with big name national brands. It was vitally important that Slumber Ease powerfully convey its value proposition and take competitive products boldly head on, if it is going to avoid same fate as the other local mattress factories. 

Rocketship has supported Slumber Ease for more than 5 years, consistently producing new content, building SEO, and managing smart paid campaigns with enticing offers and bold statements about superiority of a custom mattress.

Has it worked? Slumber Ease has experienced a 288% increase in traffic and a 65% increase in revenue since Rocketship has been managing growth, all in the midst of a declining market for local mattress retailers. 









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