Website redesign — 2020

Yeti Academy

Yeti Academy provides K-12 teachers, schools, and districts an easy to use and resource rich platform and students an exciting and relevant STEM learning experience. Rocketship helped launch the beta in 2020, then followed with a more robust redesign and buildout for the full launch in 2021. By building a foundation of educational STEM content, and through cross channel promotions and SEO, Rocketship has helped Yeti realize over 300% YoY growth.


Startups with no brand awareness always pose a challenge as building momentum takes time. During the Beta period, Yeti lacked complete modules with with to engage users, and also lacked refined gameplay videos and content, as it was still in development. 

Our Approach

Rocketship worked with Yeti to build social media audiences and subscribers based on educational blog content, and also integrated a CRM and email marketing outreach campaign to begin to expose teachers and school administrators to the platform. When the full platform actually launch along with a redesigned, engaging website, we weren’t starting from zero brand awareness, and had built a foundation for rapid growth. 

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