A Day of Thanksgiving

At Rocketship, one of our core philosophies is compassion. Find out more about our Thanksgiving give back to community.

At Rocketship, one of our core philosophies is compassion. We strive to help those around us and give back to our community in a way that is tangible and real, not only through business endeavors, but also on a personal level.

This past Thanksgiving Day, our entire Moldova-based team decided to bring a smile on the faces of five struggling families throughout the country. The folks over at Caritate.md, a Moldovan charity, were kind enough to connect us with several families in need this holiday season.

The families visited by our team are struggling with poverty, disease, disability, and loneliness. We were given a warm welcome into their homes.

Rocketship Team

We left them with small donations of non- perishable foods, candy for the kids, and a good dose of holiday cheer. They left us with their stories. The things we learned during this one day of Thanksgiving we’re humbling, and we’ve all been marked by a real desire to do much more.

“Rocketship is committed to serving our community, not only through the marketing services work we do, but also by making personal connections with individuals who are unable to provide for themselves.”

Shannon Zastrow – Rocketship Founder.

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