Rocketship and Be the Change Consulting Receive Web Excellence Award for Web Design

We’re excited to announce that Rocketship’s recent web redesign project for Be the Change Consulting received a Web Excellence Award! Our project won in the categories of Activism and Education.

Web Excellence Awards winners are selected by top-tier professionals and academics in communications, advertising, marketing, graphic design, and web science. Judges from multiple backgrounds carefully evaluate the creativity, functionality, technical execution, innovation, implementation, strategy, and impact of the projects submitted to the competition.

A More Inclusive Custom Web Design

For this project, Rocketship completely overhauled the Be the Change website with a fully custom design that extends deep into the e-commerce pages. The new site uses strategic design to make Be the Change’s work more accessible and inspiring to diverse audiences committed to social change.

One of the most important changes was opting for more accessible fonts with limited variations, which made our site easier for many people to read and access. The font on the old site was stylish, but some users found it too small and hard to read. In the redesign, we injected artistic flair through the color scheme, imagery, and shapes rather than through the font choices.

Website Built and Designed For Easy E-Commerce

We integrated multiple microsites into a single e-commerce enabled site with a better user experience. Our custom design continued through this level of the site, creating a consistent experience for customers.

Rocketship and Be the Change worked together to make the site easier to navigate, with special attention to purchasing and the customer experience. The main challenge we overcame was an incredibly complex relationship between individual sessions, modules, and bundles, as well as support for individual and group purchasing. The new site is reorganized to make it easier for users to find the module or bundle they need and distinguish between different types of products.

Our team also spent extensive effort structuring the site to streamline common processes for business users. For example, business users can now enter data about a new product once and have it used dynamically throughout the site.

Communicative Web Design For an Improved User Experience

web design

Rocketship worked together with Be the Change to develop a clear description of what the organization offers today and communicate that value to website visitors. Since Be the Change has expanded its offerings in recent years, the old website was no longer optimized to communicate the full scope of what the organization does. While Be the Change has its roots in youth development and still does quite a lot of work in this field, roughly 60% of its clients today are in other fields.

The new site helps Be the Change engage with new audiences about social justice and equity, including governmental organizations, corporations, educators, and nonprofits. An improved navigation system makes it easier for these diverse clients to find the services and information they need. New website content provides more details about Be the Change’s more recently added services.

Rocketship Helps Companies Grow

It starts with building beautiful websites that attract, engage, and convert. We are honored to receive recognition from the Web Excellence Awards.

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