Dec 19, 2017

Making Sense of Big Data For Small Business: Avoid These 4 Rookie Marketing Mistakes

We’re living in a world somewhere between Minority Report and The Matrix. All our buying behaviors and online activities are tracked. Your bank card purchases, online account activity, and loyalty card activity all allow marketers to evaluate when you purchase, what you purchase, how often you purchase it, and what related products and services you […]

website traffic

Dec 12, 2017

5 Free and Easy Things You Can Do Right Now to Increase Your Website Traffic

It’s no news that a small business owner’s most precious commodity is time. We have to wear many hats, be scrappy at all times, and choose our priorities very carefully in order to be successful. Because marketing generally requires some level of direct involvement, and results are often not immediate, it is an area that […]

Oct 23, 2017

The Best Local Directories For Your Business

Local businesses have lots of great opportunities to use digital channels to their advantage. One of them is to get listed in popular local directories. First of all, local directories will help you get discovered by the people looking for your services. Secondly, listing your site on other reputable websites ensures that you get valuable […]

Aug 28, 2017

Word of Mouth Marketing For Small Businesses

Because I consult so much with small businesses, I’m frequently discussing the importance of word of mouth marketing and how to positively influence it. Today I have two thoughts to share on how to amplify word of mouth and leverage the power of digital networks. Word of Mouth as Online Reviews The first thought is […]