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Custom Web Design & Development
Learn how Rocketship embarked on a comprehensive website redesign on the HubSpot CMS platform, leveraging over 5 years of partnership with NCA.
  • Website Redesign
  • Website Strategy
  • SEO Optimization

The Challenge

The key challenge in this project was navigating the complex amount of content and ensuring that our new direction was robust, yet streamlined enough for prospective families to feel compelled.

Previous collaborations between Rocketship and NCA had successfully bolstered the academy’s web presence, making it crucial to preserve these gains. The redesign needed to maintain, if not enhance, the website’s SEO performance and user engagement metrics.

Moreover, we planned to design a nearly completely custom site from the new brand direction, which meant we had a lot of work to do with expanding on brand elements and styles.

The Result

The redesigned website represents a significant leap forward for Northshore Christian Academy. Highlights of the project’s success include:

  • Enhanced User Experience: The new site architecture, informed by extensive strategy and user experience research, delivers a more intuitive and engaging journey for prospective families.
  • SEO and Visibility: Early metrics indicate a positive trend in search rankings and web visibility, continuing Rocketship’s legacy of driving digital growth for NCA.
  • Seamless Content Integration: The migration of existing content to the new platform was executed flawlessly, ensuring continuity for current families and a rich information resource for prospective ones.

The collaboration between Northshore Christian Academy and Rocketship on this website redesign project underscores the power of strategic digital innovation in the education sector. By leveraging the HubSpot CMS platform and focusing on a user-centric design philosophy, NCA has set a new standard for engaging and informative school websites.

Increase in visibility
29 to 9
Improved Average Position of Keywords
Increase in new users

Brand Impact

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