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How Rocketship harnessed the power of the HubSpot CMS to provide an elevated design, improved architecture, and flawless UX for FullSurge
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The Challenge

The FullSurge team knew their website needed a makeover. While FullSurge had already helped many of their clients build successful brands, they hadn’t fully established the visual look and feel of their own brand.

Their existing site didn’t convey FullSurge’s current approach or reach their target audience as effectively as the team wanted. The company needed a clean, modernized design that better reflected their values.

The Solution

Driven by FullSurge’s relentless pursuit of excellence, we set out to create a website that would transcend industry standards and captivate visitors with its ingenuity.

Our website audit had revealed that FullSurge was likely losing many prospects to missed design opportunities. The old page structures, CTAs, and navigation did not guide website visitors toward the desired next steps.

We held several brand messaging workshops with the FullSurge team to understand the brand at its core, including how they wanted to portray themselves and who they wanted to reach. We compared word choices and styles until we had developed a brand identity that perfectly represented FullSurge — a visionary brand consultancy.

The Results

Every element works together to position FullSurge as an industry-leading company with a highly experienced team. It is much easier for website visitors to navigate the site, find resources, and take the next step on the client journey.

62.5% New Leads Generated through the Website
200+ New Keyword Rankings withing First Month
Grade A Website Score Increased from C to an A within First Month
100+ New Videos added to Site Upon Launch

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