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A Digital Journey: Oasis Answers’ Website Transformation with Rocketship

OASIS Answers is a well-established healthcare education and consulting firm specializing in Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) in the home health industry.

  • Website Redesign
  • Website Strategy
  • SEO Optimization

The Challenge

When approaching Rocketship, OASIS Answers sought to revamp their existing website by enhancing their online presence, improving user experience, streamlining back-end functionality, and providing a more intuitive platform for their customers.

The primary function of the OASIS Answers website is to facilitate product sales, which includes books, webinars, classes, and exams. The project aimed to give the website a modern look and feel while improving the user experience for both purchasing and event registration processes.

These improvements extended to the back-end, involving integration with Quickbooks for seamless data management. Administrators need real-time reports on class registrations and product sales.

Additionally, the website needed to be optimized for SEO and equipped with the appropriate analytics to monitor the purchasing process, from product selection to registration.

Project Goals


  • Modernization: Create a modern, user-friendly website design that aligns with industry standards and showcases Oasis Answers as a leader in home healthcare education.
  • Improved User Experience: Enhance the user experience by optimizing site navigation and making essential resources easily accessible.
  • Brand Enhancement: Maintain brand consistency, incorporating the company’s branding and messaging throughout the website.
  • Content Streamline: The new design needed to accommodate a vast amount of educational content and resources.
  • Impeccable Site Functionality: Create an easy-to-use, fast, efficient website using the Rocketship Growth Engine.
  • Easy Purchasing Experience: Make purchasing products and registering for events easy and intuitive.

The Solution 

Rocketship proposed a comprehensive solution that incorporated The Rocketship Growth Engine, which is built on the user-friendly WordPress platform and integrated with the Elementor Pro builder and WooCommerce. This approach offered modularity, scalability, and ease of management. Integration with Hubspot CRM improved customer data management. Quickbooks integration was achieved through a customized API sync solution, enabling seamless data transfer and association.

Pre- and post-launch SEO strategies focused on taxonomy, URL structure, on-page optimization, and technical SEO, ensuring higher visibility and search engine rankings. Over 200 pages of content were migrated and redirected, maintaining data integrity and structure.

Project management played a crucial role throughout the project, ensuring effective oversight, coordination, and communication among all stakeholders.

Our Process

Rocketship executed a comprehensive website redesign plan that included the following steps:

  • Strategic Planning: Rocketship conducted a thorough analysis of Oasis Answers’ goals, target audience, and content structure to devise a strategic redesign plan.
  • Design Concept: Rocketship developed a modern, visually appealing design that incorporated Oasis Answers’ branding elements and ensured optimal user experience.
  • Content Optimization: The agency restructured and optimized the content, making it more accessible and engaging for users.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: The new design was created to be fully responsive, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices.
  • Compliance Check: Rocketship conducted a meticulous compliance review to ensure the website met industry regulations and standards, as well as unique client needs.

The Result

The collaboration between Rocketship and Oasis Answers resulted in the successful redesign of the website, meeting all project objectives and enhancing Oasis Answers’ online presence. The project’s strategic approach and commitment to user-friendly design led to improved user engagement and increased operational efficiency.

  • Enhanced User Experience: The new website design significantly improved user navigation and accessibility to essential resources.
  • Modernized Appearance: The modern design now reflects Oasis Answers as an industry leader and a trusted resource in the home healthcare field.
  • Mobile Compatibility: The responsive design allows users to register for events and purchase products on the website from any device without compromising the experience.
  • Increased Engagement: The more engaging content structure and optimized resources led to increased user engagement.
Increase in Organic Search
Increase in Ad Conversions
Increase in Conversion Events

Brand Impact

Color Palette & Branding Elements